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The Gonzo brand was created in 2012 when our founder had a vision to create the world’s first and only complete year-round; non-poisonous; highly effective protection solution against moles, gophers and rodents... for lawns, ornamental plants, gardens, vineyards, playing fields, parks and golf courses.

Why? Well, it turns out that a whole lot of people across America were looking for the same things we envisioned.

Non-poisonous solutions for repelling, eliminating and protecting against mole & gopher damage. Solutions that were effective and easy-to-use, but also safe. Safe for their pets, children, other wildlife and the earth itself.

GONZO® is the only company that provides solar sonic protection with environmentally safe battery systems; demonstrating our mission to only provide non-toxic mole & gopher protection solutions that are effective and easy-to-use.

We are America’s Leading, Non-Poisonous Defense Against Moles, Gophers, Rodents and Other Burrowing Pests.

Today, GONZO® provides protection nationwide and has become one of the fastest growing mole & gopher protection solutions
in America.

In 2020 we launched the GONZO®PRO line of products. The professional’s choice for combating burrowing pests. Made from high quality stainless steel, these traps will stand the test of time in the field. We offer bulk packs for Traps and Prevention devices.

Also in 2020, we launched the RodentPro® line of Multi-Max® traps. These traps offer a unique mechanism to lure rodents deep into the kill zone with a lightning fast vertical trigger. These traps will have Mice & Rats seeing red.

Want to get rid of destructive pests FAST and SAFELY? Then Go Get GONZO® today!

Call us today at 855-464-6696, shop at our online store or ask for us at your local Lawn & Garden Center!

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