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Moles, Gophers, & Voles are among most destructive animals on earth.  In just a single night, they can do thousands of dollars worth of damage to a lawn, ornamental plants, gardens, parks, vineyards, athletic playing fields and golf courses.

They burrow just beneath the soil surface to feed upon insects, grubs, earthworms, succulent roots and underground stems of turf, ornamental plants and garden roots and vegetables, feeding around the clock; year-round.

Moles and Gophers can also make your lawn areas highly unstable to walk on, creating dangerous subterranean potholes that can destabilize building foundations, and cause falls and broken bones when their tunnels collapse beneath you.

For homeowners, municipalities and businesses that have spent tens of thousands of dollars in creating the perfect lawn, ornamental and garden landscape, recreational surface or golf course… the anxiety these burrowing pests can create is simply unacceptable.


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