Gophers and moles are one of the most destructive animals on earth.  In just a single night, they can do thousands of dollars worth of damage to a lawn, ornamental plants, gardens, parks, athletic playing fields and golf courses.


They burrow just beneath the soil surface to feed upon succulent roots and underground stems of turf, ornamental plants and garden roots and vegetables, feeding around the clock; year-round.


Moles and gophers can also make your lawn areas highly unstable to walk on, creating dangerous subterranean potholes that can destabilize building foundations, and cause falls and broken bones when their tunnels collapse beneath you.


For homeowners, municipalities and businesses that have spent tens of thousands of dollars in creating the perfect lawn, ornamental and garden landscape, recreational surface or golf course… the anxiety and destructive costs moles & gophers can create is simply unacceptable.


That’s where our story begins in 2008 and it’s why GONZO® was created. 


Our founder Michael McGrade, a former executive in the Lawn & Garden industry had a vision to create the world’s first and only complete year-round; non-poisonous; highly effective protection solution against moles & gophers... for lawns, ornamental plants, gardens, playing fields, parks and golf courses.


Today, GONZO® is providing protection nationwide and has become one of the fastest growing mole & gopher protection solutions in America.   Why?

Well, it turns out that a whole lot of people across America were looking for the same things Michael McGrade envisioned.  


Non-poisonous solutions for repelling, eliminating and protecting against mole & gopher damage.  Solutions that were effective and easy-to-use, but also safe.  Safe for their pets, children, other wildlife and the earth itself.

Today, GONZO® is the only company that provides solar sonic protection with environmentally safe battery systems; demonstrating our mission to only provide non-toxic mole & gopher protection solutions that are effective, easy-to-use and... that protect your children, property,  pets, other wildlife and the earth.

Want to get rid of destructive moles and gophers FAST and SAFELY?


Then get GONZO® today!


Call us today at 855-464-6696, find us at www.gogetgonzo.com or ask for us at your local Lawn & Garden Center!